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Class 6 Fractions Worksheet - 3

1. Two threads are 234 m and 512 m long. Find the total length of the two ropes.

a) 714                    b) 814
c) 734                    d) None of these

2. John studies 412 hours in the morning and for 325 hours in the evening. How much time does John spend in his studies?

a) 9710                    b) 5910
c) 7910                    d) None of these

3. A shopkeeper purchased 335 liters of cooking oil on Monday, 332 liters on Tuesday and 2310 liters on Wednesday. How much oil did he purchase on the three days?

a) 10410                    b) 1034
c) 10510                    d) 10310

4. Bob exercised for 56 of an hour, while Mike exercised for 34 of an hour. How many hours of exercise both did?

a) 1910                   b) 1712
c) 2712                   d) None of these

5. Rahim had 6712 liters of fuel in his motor bike in the morning. In the evening he had only 225 liters of fuel in the tank. How much fuel was used by Rahim during the day?

a) 41360                   b) 5113
c) 41160                   d) None of these

6. A mathematics test was given to a class of 40. 45 of the students gave all correct answers. How many students made some mistakes?

a) 42                     b) 35
c) 32                     d) 8

7. Pradeep purchased books worth Rs. 6045 and gave a five hundred rupee note to the shopkeeper. How much money was returned by the shop keeper?

a) 43525                   b) 43915
c) 43815                   d) None of these

8. A piece of cupper wire 78 meter long broke into two pieces. One piece was 45 meter long. How long is the other piece?

a) 34                   b) 1
c) 340                  d) 43

9. Prakash’s house is 34 km from his school. He walked some distance and then took a bus for 12 km to reach the school. How far did he walk?

a) 200 m                      b) 250 m
c) 750 m                      d) 500 m

10. Julie cut 30 m long rope into pieces of 54 m length each. How many pieces of the rope did she get?

a) 20                          b) 25
c) 24                          d) None of these

11. Cost of one pen is Rs. 1534. What will be the cost of 24 similar pen?

a) Rs. 278                      b) Rs. 378
c) Rs. 387                      d) None of these

12. The fraction whose numerator is the smallest odd prime number and denominator is the smallest composite number.

a) 34                      b) 14
c) 24                      d) 15

13. Vikram ate 38 of a pizza. The fraction of the pizza remaining is _____.
a) 34                      b) 35
c) 58                      d) None of these

14. Weight of three books are 234 kg, 356 kg and 238 kg. Find the total weight of all the three books.

a) 22324                    b) 82324
c) 82423                    d) None of these

15. 35 of a year = _____ days.

a) 365                      b) 220
c) 291                      d) 219

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