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Class 2 - Annual Examination – 1

Objective Question:              [2X10=20]

1. A rectangle has ______ faces and ______ corners.

2. 1 fortnight = ______ days.

3. Which month comes before 6th month?

4. Which solid object has no corners and edges?

5. What time will be 2 hours before 1 o’ clock?

6. How many days are there in the month of July and August?

7. How many days are there in the month of February of a leap year?

8. If yesterday is Sunday then tomorrow will be ____________.

9. A triangle and a square together have ________ sides.

10. 41 x 65 = 65 x _______.

Objective Question:              [3X5=15]

11. Read the time and write it.

12. Arrange the given shapes in increasing order according to the number of faces:
  Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere.

13. Draw the hands of the clock to show the given time.

                  3 O’ clock



a) How many Rs. 2 coins will make Rs. 100?

b) Rs. 75 + Rs. 150 + Rs. 200 = __________.

15. A sweet stall sold 675 sweets in 5 days. How many sweet did it sell in each day?

Objective Question:              [5]

16. There are 103 chocolates in a packet. Distribute all the chocolates equally among 5 boys. How many chocolates each boy will get and how many chocolates will remain?

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